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Sales and Advice

Elke Jaenisch, Dipl.-Ing. (TH)
Sales South / East
FON: +49 (0)163 559 2257
Moreno Schlüter, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Technical Advice and Sales (North West)
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Christoph Sorge, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Technical Advice and Sales (South West - middle - North East)
FON: +49 (0)163 559 2263


As a steel-processing company, FILIGRAN® offers a wide range of professions. The activities range from administration, through production to maintenance.


On these plants, steel rod is converted by means of cold forming (rolling/drawing) into reinforcing steel. This working step has a significant effect on the quality of our products.

Machine and Plant Operator in Metal Technology

On the lattice girder welding machines the individual wires are bent and welded together to form lattice girders.

Material Tester

In the test laboratory, the mechanical and geometrical properties of the starting material and the finished products are continuously monitored before delivery.

Industrial Mechanic for Maintenance

In order to keep the breakdowns of our machines to a minimum, these are constantly serviced and maintained by our industrial mechanics.

Electronics Engineer for Operating Technology

The electricity supply to our machines, servicing of the control systems, maintenance of the lighting and the troubleshooting of any faults are the tasks of our electronics engineers.

Industrial Business Management Assistant

Whether purchasing, sales or accounting, sound commercial knowledge is required here.

Construction Engineer
Filigran offers extensive technical planning aids drawn up by construction engineers.

Together we ensure that our reinforcement products are of the optimum quality and installed at the right time in the right location.