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Lattice Girders

FILIGRAN Gitterträger FILIGRAN® lattice girders are factory pre-fabricated reinforcing elements consisting of a lower chord (LC), diagonal (D) and upper chord (UC). Depending on the requirement and application, there are different lattice girder types and dimensions available. Their production, certification and use in Germany is based on German technical approvals. Separate regulations apply to their use abroad.

Filigran Punching Shear Reinforcement

FILIGRAN Durchstanzbewehrung The FILIGRAN® punching shear reinforcement FDB is an optimised punching shear reinforcement for use in FILIGRAN® ceilings as flat slabs. Their production, certification and use are based on a European Technical Approval.

Reinforcing Steel in Coils

homepage-betonstahl-im-ring Reinforcing steel in coils is produced and certified in the cold forming process as B500A according to DIN 488-3. The ribbed and normal ductile reinforcing steel is supplied with a nominal diameter of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 and 12 mm as a ring (coil) for further processing in straightening and cutting plants.

Plain Reinforcing Steel

homepage-glatter-bewehrungsdraht Plain reinforcing steel with a smooth surface is produced and certified as B500A+G according to DIN 488-3 in coils. The nominal diameters of the reinforcing steel lies within the range from 5 mm to 10 mm.

Decoiled Reinforcing Steel from the Coil

homepage-gerichteter-betonstahl Reinforcing steel from the coil is straightened in our own straightening and cutting plant in line with specific customer requirements and delivered in straight cut lengths. The decoiled reinforcing steel is manufactured from both self-produced B500A reinforcing steel and from B500B on request.