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In Germany, Technical Approvals of the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) apply to the use of lattice girders. Beyond the material properties of the lattice girders, these stipulate in particular the dimensioning and application conditions of the components with lattice girders. For FILIGRAN® the following German technical approvals have been issued:

FILIGRAN® punching shear reinforcement FDB: ETA 13/0521

FILIGRAN® precast floor type E/EV: Z-15.1-147

FILIGRAN® precast floor type D: Z-15.1-90

FILIGRAN® precast floor type EQ: Z-15.1-93

FILIGRAN® beam and block floor type D/E: Z-15.1-148

FILIGRAN® beam and block floor type S: Z-15.1-145

FILIGRAN® precast wall: Z-15.2-40

B500A reinforcing steel in coils and smooth B500A+G reinforcing steel is certified on the basis of DIN 488. These product certificates can be found under Reinforcing Steel in Coils B500A. Product certificates for lattice girders can be found under Lattice Girder.